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Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright

The long-delayed fight between Owen and Amelia will finally come to fruition during Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Shortly after their marriage, Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) past reared its head, with the doc struggling to reconcile the possibility of having children with Owen (Kevin McKidd) after giving birth to a baby with no brain on Private Practice. Not wanting to have kids, of course, was at the heart of why Owen’s marriage to Cristina (Sandra Oh) never worked out.

When Owen and Amelia’s fight finally comes to a head, it will not be easy for the couple to recover. “It comes up pretty soon,” McKidd tells EW. “It gets very real; the rubber hits the road with them both. They both lay out their ultimatums. For the moment, it doesn’t look good.”

“They both have valid points,” Scorsone says. “She had expected to marry Owen and have children. Her past came and knocked on the door and was like, ‘You’re not done with me yet.’ She’s now negotiating with her trauma. She’s trying as hard as she can and as fast as she can to get to a good place, but it’s real — her trauma is real. We’re now wondering if Owen is going to have the patience to help her walk through that, or if he’s on a schedule and he wants to get his stuff done — and by stuff, I mean children — before she’s ready to do that.”

While viewers shouldn’t expect the fight to be resolved within an episode, both stars have hope that the couple will eventually reconcile. “I have confidence that Shonda [Rhimes] can bring us back from any brink, but I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Scorsone says.

“I’ve got a feeling they’ll make it past this, but things are pretty dark in the Owen and Amelia world right now because they both want very, very different things at the moment,” McKidd says. “That might change, but at the moment, that’s where they’re standing. The avoiding is going to stop and they’re going to actually say to each other, ‘Stop, look at me, we need to talk, we need to not brush this under the carpet anymore, I need some answers.’ The answers aren’t necessarily the answers that either one of them is looking for.”

The silver lining: Their fight has led to more scenes for Amelia with the trio of sisters. “One of the nice things about Owen and Amelia being on the outs is that she’s back in the sister house, so there’s some really lovely stuff with Meredith [Ellen Pompeo] and Maggie [Kelly McCreary] and mutual surgeon trifecta support happening there.”

Support may soon be key. A looming question about the fate of Owen’s sister remains. Megan Hunt (Bridget Regan), who previously dated Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson), supposedly died in a helicopter crash, though her body was never recovered — of course Grey’s fans have taken that as a sign that we could see Megan very much alive sometime in the future. “Let’s be honest, that’s a juicy story,” Scorsone says. “The actress that they hired for the flashback, she was fantastic, so I would love to see her come back, but I don’t know how they would work that out.”

Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright

“The possibility of that sister coming back is an interesting one,” McKidd muses. “If it happened, it would — in the same way if somebody like Cristina came back — start everything up and change everything for everybody. It would have a huge impact on Nathan, obviously, in whatever is going on with him and Meredith. I love the idea of it, because if it happened, there would be a lot of stuff to play, a lot of real drama to play.”

Whether it happens or not, McKidd teases that Owen and Riggs’ relationship is finally on the road to recovery after Megan’s death. “What I like about where they’re at is that their friendship is starting to become really rooted again, and they’ve moved past the pain that was going on for them both,” McKidd says. “Their dynamic is a really interesting one. It’s nice for Owen to have a really strong male friend now that Derek [Patrick Dempsey] is gone. I think they’re in a pretty good place.”

“Again, who knows what will happen, because if certain things happen that we don’t know yet, it could be a little explosive between them, because there’s still unresolved issues,” McKidd continues. “A moment comes up in an episode soon where Owen and Nathan really have a moment where they lay a lot of the ghosts to rest and talk about it instead of just not talking about it.”

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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