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The Mindy Project - Season 5
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The Mindy Project - Season 5

Every week, the cast and crew of Hulu's beloved rom-com The Mindy Project are taking EW readers behind the scenes of each episode. This week, actor Ike Barinholtz takes us through the 13th episode of season 5, "Mindy's Best Friend."

I've always loved Mindy Project episodes that center on Mindy and Morgan, and that's not just because I get paid by the line. I've always felt their relationship is the emotional core of the series, even though some critics have called these stories "indulgent" and "not really what the show is about." Well, too bad jerks, because here's another one. $$$$$$.

The episode kicks off with Mindy telling Ben (played by lean machine Bryan Green…berg) that she is hosting a party for her childhood bestie Elena (the amazing Casey Wilson, who graciously agreed to be on the show as long as Adam Pally was not on set). Elena is back in the U.S. after living in Europe, and Mindy wants to hook her up with a guy, so she tells Ben to invite some of his hot, single, cool friends. Ben invites Morgan, who meets almost none of those qualifications.

Meanwhile, at Schulman and Associates, Karen tells Tamra that she saw Ben in the Diamond District, which means he's gonna propose to Mindy. The gossip spreads instantly, and Dr. Ledreau (actor and former United States Congressman Fred Grandy, IA-6) tells Ben NOT to propose to Mindy, causing Ben to freak. How'd they find out?

At Mindy's party, she offers Jeremy and Jody to Elena, but as per usual, they underwhelm. As Mindy apologizes for her lame co-workers, Elena tells Mindy she actually met someone early at the party, and she can't stop thinking about him. She reveals it's Morgan. As they leave together, Mindy's jaw drops, and we hear the theme from "Jaws…" Not literally. That would be really expensive and kind of lame.

The next day Morgan and Elena regale the office with tales of the previous evening's sexploits. This bums everyone out, no one more than Mindy. She's extra annoyed when Morgan and Elena pressure her into going on a double date with them and Ben. Meanwhile, Ben figures out the gossip came from Tamra, Collette, and Karen. He tells them that he was selling his old ring, and they better kill the story.

The double date is a disaster and ends with Mindy stabbing Morgan in the back and c–k-blocking him on him a massive level. I've run out of words, so all I'll say is out of every episode of The Mindy Project, this one is the ___________________.

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The Mindy Project - Season 5
The Mindy Project

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