If only Manganiello were a good guesser, too, he might've won.

By Nick Romano
March 22, 2017 at 08:21 AM EDT

Jessica Chastain was an unbeatable force during Jimmy Fallon’s latest go-round of charades on The Tonight Show Tuesday night. The Zookeeper’s Wife star joined Team Fallon in a friendly face-off with Tariq of The Roots and Joe Manganiello of Smurfs: The Lost Village.

Chastain played it cool at the start. “I’m intimidated,” she said after Manganiello acted out The Hangover. But she soon plowed through the next few rounds with Snakes on a Plane and Scarface — the latter of which is not two words, like she thought, but Fallon was still able to guess.

At the risk of pointing fingers, Team Manganiello faltered when the Magic Mike stud — though great at the acting part — was in the guessing seat. So by the time the final charades showdown came along, with Fallon continuously blurting out possible answers, it was already over.

Watch The Tonight Show‘s charades in the clip above.

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