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"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah claimed during Monday’s broadcast that Donald Trump senior advisor Omarosa Manigault skipped out on a plans to appear as a guest on the Comedy Central show.

“Today we were supposed to be joined by Senior Trump Adviser Omarosa, who, of course, was here to promote her episode of Say Yes To The Dress,” Noah said. “That is true, by the way. But at last minute she bailed on us. And the reason she gave — and this is true again — is that the administration did not want her interview on The Daily Show to eclipse the news of the day.”

Noah added he didn’t really understand that reasoning because the “news of the day” included FBI director James Comey confirming President Trump’s tweets about Barack Obama wiretapping him during the campaign were false. Other headlines from Monday: the FBI investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to the Russian government.

“That’s right people: Obama didn’t wiretap Trump, and even the FBI thinks there’s something at least worth investigating regarding how much Trump’s campaign communicated with Russia,” said Noah. “Wow, I did not see that coming. Is there, like, a thing for ‘reverse mind-blown’?”

Watch the segment above. Manigault has not yet responded to Noah’s claim.

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere
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