The actors can't keep it together during this TV interview for 'Life.'

By Nick Romano
March 21, 2017 at 10:41 AM EDT
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Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are currently promoting their new film, Life, which means it’s time for press junkets, where celebrities are stationed (typically) in a hotel as journalists funnel in and out to conduct interviews. It must’ve been the actors’ hundredth round by the time Fox 5’s D.C. correspondent Kevin McCarthy walked in, because the interview fell into complete madness — but it made for entertaining television.

The uncensored, NSFW interview began with McCarthy gifting the actors Deadpool tie pins, which Gyllenhaal promptly tossed to the floor. “Where’s my Deadpool tie pin?!” he screamed to retrieve it as Reynolds deliriously broke into hysterics.

Things only got more outrageous from there. McCarthy attempted to ask them about a tracking shot in Life, but the actors were preoccupied wearing their new presents as earrings, riffing on “the big one-er” (what they called the one-shot), and the name tags on their chairs before finally delivering a semblance of an answer.

“Hey, f–ers, let’s get it together or let’s get out of f– town,” Reynolds announced to the room.

“This is such a useless interview, it’s so great,” Gyllenhaal chortled, before Reynolds added, “You have nothing usable here.”

Au contraire. Watch above.

Life (2017)

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