Tim Minchin's "When I Grow Up" from 'Matilda' served as the base for this musical mockery.

By Nick Romano
March 21, 2017 at 08:00 AM EDT

James Corden didn’t dance around the political issues and controversies surrounding President Donald Trump’s administration on Monday. The Late Late Show host debuted “Donald Trump: The Musical,” which saw composer Tim Minchin playing a younger Trump alongside Corden as Steve Bannon.

“When I grow up,” Minchin’s Trump sings in the sketch, “I will be president and build big walls, ban Muslims and grab Putin’s balls, grab pussies of the lady grown-ups.”

Corden’s Bannon, meanwhile, dreams of taking “insurance off sick bums” and letting “damaged people buy more guns.” He sings, “When I grow up, I will be chief strategist so I can put my Breitbart fist inside my puppet’s inside bits.”

The musical, which used Minchin’s “When I Grow Up” melody from Matilda the Musical, also featured Ben Platt (Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen) as Sean Spicer and Abigail Spencer (NBC’s Timeless) as Kellyanne Conway.

“I’ll be press secretary of this land and lie about sizes of crowds and hands, ignore climate change until the earth is blown up,” Platt dreams, while Spencer muses, “If facts don’t suit my narrative, I’ll just believe alternatives because otherwise my brain will blow up.”

Watch the musical sketch in the clip above.

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