The screen legend tells Ellen DeGeneres her costar is still a good kisser

By Jami Ganz
March 20, 2017 at 11:08 AM EDT

Jane Fonda and fellow screen legend Robert Redford recently shot their fourth collaboration, Netflix's Our Souls at Night.While promoting the film on The Ellen DeGeneres Show,Fonda confirmed the Sundance Kid is just as dreamy in real life as he is on screen — something moviegoers have guessed at for nearly 60 years.

"The only problem with working with Bob," Fonda admitted, "is that I just look into his [eyes] and I kinda fall into his eyes and forget my dialogue." Wouldn't we all?

"What do you feel when you—" DeGeneres began to ask about working with the Sundance Institute founder when the Grace and Frankie star got distracted by pictures of the two in their heyday. "God, he's so good looking," she mused, to which DeGeneres agreed, "Yeah, he's a good looking guy."

Fonda sighed fondly, "Yeah, he still is."

"Good kisser? He's a good kisser?" DeGeneres asked, before wondering if the pair got to kiss in their newest project. A starry-eyed Fonda nodded, "Yeah," before licking her lips. "Yeah."

"So dreamy when you say that," the host laughed. "Was it like kind of nerve-wracking to work with him again or did it fall right into place?"

"No, it actually wasn't. I realize that I've grown up because, in the three previous movies, I was always in love with him," the actress said. "I fell in love every time."

Watch Fonda's appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show above.

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