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Every week, actor Dan Bucatinsky, who plays CTU analyst Andy Shalowitz, a.k.a. the new Chloe O’Brian, will take EW readers behind the scenes of the action-packed 24: Legacy with his blog. Here, he takes us into episode 108, “7:00 PM – 8:00 PM.” Take it away, Dan!

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Watch 24: Legacy. It takes place in one day – oh you know this already or you wouldn’t even be reading this. The story is getting intense, emotional, bloody, and is gearing up for a thrilling final four episodes of the season! Catch up on Hulu and the FOX app!

HERE’S WHAT YOU MAY HAVE MISSED LAST EPISODE: Andy’s dreamy and rugged ex, Agent Locke, is still locked up (not quite in that 50 Shades way as Andy might’ve hoped) in the garage, but he breaks a pipe to escape. Locke calls Mullins at CTU and tells all about Carter and Andy’s mission to deliver a virus to erase the flash drive. CTU knows if they can find Andy and Carter they’ll find the terrorist ring-leader Jadalla.

Andy and Carter lay in the back of Jadalla’s van. Carter tells Andy to keep it together as they arrive in a warehouse (aka Jadalla’s headquarters) surrounded by boxes of ammunition. While they lead Andy to his laptop, others throw Carter a couple uppercuts, but my money’s still on Carter.

Nicole begs Isaac to go back for Eric. She knows that they’ll kill him and she calls him out for turning his back… something Eric would never do. Suddenly they’re shot at because Jadalla had told his men to kill Isaac and Nicole and that’s what happens on 24. They’re chased into a laundry warehouse with random industrial items: chains, cages on wheels… and giant metal hook thingies that come in handy when fighting terrorists. Isaac wins this round against them, natch, so he and Nicole make it out alive, now armed with guns, just in time for Isaac to call his crew for backup.

Jadalla aims for a “heart to heart” with Carter, thanking him for allowing him to live out his father’s dream. Jadalla makes a point to say that everything moving forward, is Carter’s fault… hitting the bullseye of Carter’s greatest concern: that everything bad that’s happened during this fateful day was his fault, including the death of Grimes.

Andy plugs in the flash drive to “recover the data.” This rugged, out-in-the-field look is actually kind of working for me, uh, I mean him. I was so happy to be able to put on a jacket and muss up my hair after seven episodes of no changes! Pretty immediately, Andy cringes as he triggers the virus, anticipating his certain death. But Jadalla reassures him and smiles: “I’m not going to kill you.” The flash drive was a decoy. They assumed Andy might try something and now they have access to the virus and can remove it so that he is forced to actually recover the data!

Andy’s bravery has kicked into fifth gear. He tells Jadalla he will NOT help recover the files. To which he gets the very impolite response of an ENORMOUS knife in the leg! Andy screams. Jadalla TURNS the knife. Andy, in complete agony, must finally give in. (We did that scene so many times – I’ve never screamed so much in my life. I’m not that familiar with torture beyond a bout of heavy whining from my kids.)

Senator Donovan arrives at his father’s interrogation where he’s been given injections of extremely painful drugs, which trigger the pain receptors in the brain. Rebecca denies his request to speak with his father and reminds him of the hundreds who’ve died on that bridge. John reluctantly gives the go-ahead. But he finds his wife’s ease with “enhanced interrogation” off-putting – does he even know this woman? Despite the discomfort, Henry Donovan is unwilling to give up any information so they up his dose. John struggles to watch.

The Secretary of Defense discloses a plan to Mullins, which involves a drone strike to Jadalla’s warehouse. Mullins struggles to agree, not wanting to kill Carter and Andy in taking out the terrorists. But it’s clear – this collateral damage could mitigate the threat of thousands dying. Mullins orders Mariana to proceed with the plan and she struggles with it. But eventually, her finely manicured finger hesitates just a beat before finally hitting the button.

Meanwhile, Isaac’s men arrive to join Nicole and Isaac in the plan to attack the warehouse with every bit of ammunition they can muster. Isaac insists Nicole stay back with one of his crew.

Carter, in the warehouse, recognizes one of the terrorists as Naseri. He calls him out but is silenced. There seems to be some history there – and this Naseri does NOT want it exposed. Carter insults Jadalla’s father, knowing it will rile him up and just as Jadalla is about to shoot, Isaac and his men pull in, busting through the warehouse wall.

In the commotion, Andy, with a belt as a tourniquet for his bleeding leg, is able to crawl over to grab a cell phone from a fallen man. He calls Mariana. She warns him of the DOD plan. Andy screams out: “Carter! This place is about to blow!” And with that, he’s able to save everyone from the explosion as they all scurry out. Well. Almost. Isaac gets shot in the back as they try to escape.

Within seconds of Carter’s escape, the missile hits. Who knows who survived?

From the smoking rubble, we see Carter and Isaac are still alive. Isaac holds pressure on his wound while Carter goes back inside the building looking for the new villain: Naseri! They finally have Jadalla in custody. And now the U.S. knows that Naseri is on their soil but – who is he? And how did he escape??

And as the final minutes tick by, Henry writhes in pain just as Rebecca gets news of the explosion. They have Jadalla in custody. Carter and Andy may very well be dead. Rebecca lets John release his father. But will John ever look at his wife the same?

Locke arrives on the scene of the explosion and finds Andy in the rubble, clutching the laptop and stolen flash drive. “I did it, Tom!” Andy is relieved to see a friendly face – and to have recovered the list of sleeper cells! He’s a hero after all. I mean, who doesn’t like THAT ending?

HERE’S WHAT YOU COULDN’T KNOW (cause it happened behind the scenes!):

SPECIAL EFFECTS: This episode was one of the most difficult episodes of ANY show I’ve ever done. The harshness of torture, sure. But equally challenging was the constant re-spray of glycerine to refresh the look of sweat. Also “dirt” makeup to make us look ragged. And we were in that dusty warehouse for four days, shooting explosions and fights and yes… stabbing my leg! The contraption inside my pant leg was an intricate one – with a tube connected to a huge tank of fake blood. The knife handle was secured to a metal holder inside as well. So when the actor who plays Jadalla (Raphael Acloque) hurls the knife down, cameras then cut to the handle already in my leg – and hit the switch and the blood just pumped and pumped. It was creepy and upsetting — and very cool.

DELETED SCENE: There was a later scene where Andy once again, deriving a sense of strength from Carter, adamantly refuses to erase the files on the flash drive. Jadalla pistol-whips him in the face, which caused the bloody forehead you mysteriously see in the episode now. He then threatens to cut off Andy’s ear, which is just before Isaac and his men storm in.

EXPLOSIVES: Let’s just say all my own stunt work throughout the season (aka staring at a computer screen) did not prepare me for this… The battle with Isaac’s men — we had a huge round of “safe” explosives that were set off. In addition, all the guns were shooting blanks. But let me explain for those who don’t know how blanks really work cause I didn’t: They still shoot! There was plastic shrapnel flying all over that warehouse, which shot real holes in the tables we pulled up to protect ourselves. So it was as close to real gunfire as I’d ever want to be.

TV CHEATS: Back at CTU, Mullins (played by Teddy Sears) had to do scenes with the DNI (Director of National Security) Simms, played by James Black. They were supposed to be on some video conference call. In reality, Black was put in a tiny room (i.e. a supply closet) dressed as a conference room and asked to look into a tiny camera. It was a few feet from Mullins and yet, they never really saw one another. Ah, the magic of pulse-pounding TV.

24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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