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March 19, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT
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Somebody’s dead on Big Little Lies. If you’ve read the 2014 Liane Moriarty book the HBO drama is based on, you know who that someone is, and who killed that someone. But this is for everyone else who hasn’t read the book (and if you have — keep your spoilers to yourself, please): Each week, we’ll take stock of which characters — played by big little Hollywood names including Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoë Kravitz — seem the most suspicious… and which ones seem the most likely to end up killed during an elementary school trivia night fundraiser. This week, we look at the fifth episode, “Once Bitten.” Click here to see our theories about the premiere, here for our rundown of the second episode, here for the third episode, and here for the fourth episode.

Who’s the most suspicious this week?

Jane’s not the only one with a gun: Turns out Nathan frequents shooting ranges because, as Madeline later reveals, he’s “obsessed” with them. At first, this doesn’t really make sense, given that he’s now with the ultra-hippie, jewelry-making, so-chill-it-hurts Bonnie. But we get a glimpse of a woman cocking a handgun in the episode’s first minute, and although it’s too quick for us to really tell who it is, it’s clear she’s wearing multiple rings — just like Bonnie. Maybe she’s more dangerous than we thought.

Then again, it feels futile to get caught up with who owns guns, who likes guns, etc., because from what we’ve heard about the victim, they did not die from a gunshot wound. Instead, they were basically mauled to death. So if I’m basing this on who has shown the kind of violence most in line with whatever killed The Victim, Perry wins (or rather, loses, because I’d rather him not win anything, even if it’s a contest of Who’s the Murderer?), as he’s the only one we’ve seen physically beat someone.

I don’t think it’s going to be a man, though. The women are getting increasingly pissed — Madeline at her director lover, Celeste at Perry, Jane at whoever Ziggy’s dad is, Renata at… everyone. They want to lash out; they want to get back at everyone who’s wronged them. Now it’s just a matter of who will be ready and willing to do that come trivia night, and more and more, I’m starting to think that “who” will be all of them.

Who’s the least suspicious?

Uh, Celeste and Perry’s counselor with the lullaby voice, I guess? Even Amabella and her eerie silence is coming off as fairly questionable at this point.

So who’s dead?

Like last week, the obvious answer is still Perry — especially now that Celeste’s bruises are becoming harder and harder to hide, meaning someone is going to notice sooner or later, and that someone is probably going to be Madeline, who is not about to take, “Oh, I tripped,” as an excuse for why her best friend is completely black and blue.

After weeks of guessing Jane could be another possibility, I’m now giving up on that thanks to a few clips we saw from trivia night during this episode that showed a variety of people seemingly reacting to the murder. One of those people was Jane, looking completely flustered, but… not dead.

Before this episode, the consensus was that Perry is possibly Ziggy’s dad. This hour threw a wrench in that for a couple reasons, though: First of all, Jane met someone who might or might not be the guy — her angry reaction to encountering Saxon Baker could either be because she knew it was him or because she was frustrated that it wasn’t, that she couldn’t have the kind of closure (or revenge) she so desperately wanted. And then, she conveniently didn’t go to the hospital with Madeline even though Celeste did and both were with her at the scene of the accident. Both Nathan and Ed showed up to the hospital, so by not going, Jane avoided seeing them. That’s no big for Nathan, because she already met him at the school’s orientation. But, from what I can remember, she hasn’t encountered Ed yet. And that’s fishy.

Making Ed Ziggy’s father would be great, drama-wise: The show’s mostly painted him as a gentle dude who cares about his family and has a little chip on his shoulder about some past bullying. There are also the little moments that show something’s off, like his strange interactions with his teenage stepdaughter and the way he checked out a woman’s butt when he went to Bonnie’s yoga studio (sure, that’s not an action that screams “criminal!” in reality, but in Big Little Lies, there’s gotta be a reason they showed him doing a double-take). It wouldn’t be expected, and it would be a powerful statement, that anyone — even “the nice guy” — can be dangerous.

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