Here's the 'Girls' spoiler fans have been waiting for: Laird's new job.

By Nick Romano
March 18, 2017 at 12:27 PM EDT
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Don’t worry, Girls fans. This article doesn’t actually spoil anything from the final season of the HBO comedy — unless you consider Laird’s new day job a major bombshell.

“It’s the final season of the show and, you know, Laird’s being Laird,” the comedian joked to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Friday night. “He’s got a job, he cleaned up his act, he’s working at — he’s a floor manager at Forever 21.” But even that “may or may not be true,” he continued. “You gotta watch the show to find out.”

“That’s not the spoiler. No one cares,” Fallon laughed.

“I shouldn’t say this, but that’s how the season ends,” Glaser, a master at keeping secrets close to the vest, added.

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Want more insult to injury? Fallon screened “the end scene from Girls,” which turned out to be Laird’s cameo appearance on last Sunday’s episode.

See the clip below.

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