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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to spoilerroom@ew.com.

Any new scoop on the Once Upon a Time musical? — Lisa
For starters, the musical is not a one-off. “The first thing people should understand is the musical is not a standalone — so it will be continuing the story,” EP Edward Kitsis says. “It’s not like, ‘Oh, we’re taking a break from all the intensity to do a musical!’ It is absolutely going to further what we’ve been doing and it sets up the finale.” The second thing you should know: “We’re doing all original songs,” Kitsis says. “You’re going to see a wide-range of people singing from regulars to cameos to people you wouldn’t expect.” EP Adam Horowitz adds: “You’ll probably see more people singing than you’d expect, and some fun in how it’s done.” Among those surprising faces also singing: Granny, Grumpy, Gepetto and Henry! As for the main cast, I can share that most of them will be singing and performing more than one song.

Can you provide any Felicity scoop for Arrow? — Sarah
Aligning with Helix, and therefore using even more unconventional methods than she does with Team Arrow, is certainly going to take Felicity to an interesting place — in particular, one in which she may come to understand her ex a bit better. “We’re starting to put her in Oliver’s footsteps a little bit,” EP Marc Guggenheim says. “She’s going to get a chance to experience things a little bit more from Oliver’s perspective. I think the reason they broke up was her difficulty to see things from Oliver’s perspective. They broke up fundamentally because she didn’t trust Oliver, and the reason she didn’t trust Oliver is she couldn’t understand why he made the decisions he made.”

Did Jughead’s dad murder Jason on Riverdale?? — Sonya
Well, FP had Jason’s letterman’s jacket, which ostensibly should’ve gone up in a blaze of glory in that abandoned car, right? “It absolutely does seem like FP was intimately involved with at least one or both of those things,” EP Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa says of the Jason’s death and the subsequent car fire. “Moving forward, Jughead and his dad’s relationship becomes one of the bedrocks of the season. There are definitely twists and turns to it, but he’s very much in the hot seat from this point moving forward, because people are going to start discovering a lot of things FP has done that he thought were never going to see the light of day.”

Any goods on Blindspot? — Audrey
Reade’s drug use will soon come back to haunt him, but he’s not the only team member we should be worried about — someone is about to uncover a pretty damning secret that will turn the tables.

Anything Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on FitzSimmons or Jemma or Fitz? — Eva
Well, seeing as Fitz is basically to blame for the Framework, and therefore at fault for everyone ending up in this prison, I would say the FitzSimmons relationship will hit a rough patch should they all make it out alive. “That’s a point we’ve hit quite a few times in their emotional spats together,” EP Maurissa Tancharoen says. “It is something that we are going to explore even further.”

How long before the Original family is reunited on The Originals? — Dean
I don’t know the full timeline leading to a complete reunion, but let’s just say that the action gets started rather quickly in the season premiere. With the episode being told from Marcel’s perspective half the time, and Hayley’s the other half, a large portion of the hour is about Hayley’s journey to get the Originals back. And by hour’s end, there is some significant progress made. Plus, you get to see Hayley kick some serious ass.

Is there any word on how Tom’s absence is going to affect his marriage to Liz on The Blacklist? — Martel
Well, it certainly isn’t going to help it. But what ultimately ends up happening between Tom and Liz all depends on whether The Blacklist: Redemption gets renewed for a second season. “Right now, his plans are to return home at some point, but I think that if he stays at Halcyon, they would have to figure out what that means for their relationship,” Ryan Eggold says. “It would either be that he would make it home and bounce back and forth, or they would figure out if they need to let the relationship go or change the arrangements. I don’t know if a long distance thing is really in their future; it’s too early to say. I don’t think Tom or Liz have planned that far ahead.”

Anything and everything you can share about Maggie and Alex on Supergirl? — Kylie
Though Alex is going through quite a roller coaster when it comes to her family issues, not to mention her upcoming meet with one of Maggie’s exes, it looks like Sanvers is heading for the next step. “They have a lot to grow together, but they are realizing how serious they are about each other, so I think there’s some things coming up that would take it maybe to the next level,” Chyler Leigh tells me.

I’m so glad 12 Monkeys has been renewed! (And so sad it’ll end with season 4!) Can you tease anything more about Christopher Lloyd’s character? — Sylvie
As we already know, the Back to the Future alum is playing the father of the Pallid Man — so yes, we are going to see Pallid Boy via flashback! It’s safe to say that the apple has not fallen far from the tree. “They are both very devout in their beliefs in terrifying ways,” EP Terry Matalas says. “They’re willing to do horrible things with the kindest of smiles. Pallid Man got that from his father, and also his mother, [played by] Scottie Thompson, who we met last season, who also returns in that episode. You really get to see the Pallid family, if you will, and see there was no way that guy was going to grow up right.”

Do you remember that Reverse-Flash comment from season 1 of The Flash, in which he sees the time sphere for the first time and says, “That looks like Rip Hunter’s ship.” Does that connect to anything that we are now seeing on Legends of Tomorrow in season 2? — Michael
Yes, actually, but probably not in the way you’re thinking. “I would say it was taken into consideration in the design of the Waverider,” EP Marc Guggenheim says. “The sphere that’s in the front of the Waverider is meant to be an homage to the time sphere that we’ve seen on Flash and Legends. So make of that what you will.”

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