Fortune favors the impatient
Stranger Things

Sometimes you’re in the middle of a binge-watching marathon of your favorite show on Netflix when the episode ends in a super-suspenseful cliffhanger. Of course, you’re dying to find out what happens next, only to have the gratification postponed by a lengthy opening sequence. Well, TV addicts, Netflix is here to help.

In addition to switching up its user reviews format, the streaming service has introduced a function that will allow users to skip over the opening credits of some shows entirely. The new “skip intro” button — first discovered by reddit users nearly a month ago — pops up as the title sequence starts to roll on both Netflix original series, like House of Cards and Stranger Things, and third-party shows.

As yet, there’s no news on whether the function will also be available on the Netflix app. So far, it’s only been spotted when using the streaming service in a web browser.

If you’re not a fan of reading the names of cast and crew to a background of tantalizing tunes, and you don’t use the extra minute for a quick bathroom break or chance to grab snacks, then by all means, click away and get right into the action faster!