Gilligan revealed his favorite movies and his take on Jesse Pinkman's fate
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Breaking Bad
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Years after Breaking Bad ended, creator Vince Gilligan remains a busy man, thanks to work on season 3 of the prequel series, Better Call Saul. But on Thursday, Gilligan took time out of his schedule for a brief Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. Although he didn’t stay long, Gilligan did manage to answer a couple burning fan questions about his work on both shows. For example: Did Jesse Pinkman get a happy ending?

“I really believe so. In my mind, yes,” Gilligan wrote in response to the query from user tontytont. “Don’t take that as gospel, just take that as what I personally want to believe. It really is up to the individual viewer, however. There is no definitive answer, and it was left that way on purpose so that you guys could come up with the ending for Jesse that you saw fit. And for me, that ending was, ultimately, peace.”

In response to other questions, Gilligan revealed his three favorite movies (The Godfather I & II, The Third Man, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, even though he acknowledged “that’s so self-limiting!”), gave credit to music supervisor Thomas Golubic for both shows’ best musical cues, and even discussed the difference between the writer’s rooms Breaking Bad used and the singular auteur style made famous by Nic Pizzolatto and Cary Fukunaga with season 1 of True Detective.

“I’m kinda working on such a thing right now, an HBO miniseries about Jonestown,” Gilligan wrote. “Having said that, I’ve become a big fan of writers’ rooms. For me, working collaboratively with a bunch of talented writers is exciting, entertaining, and yields much better results (and yields them quicker) than working by myself. I think writing by one’s self is a bit overrated. There’s nothing wrong with people working together – not just in writing, but in every human endeavor. I think we need more of it in the world, in fact.”

Read the full AMA here.

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