The 'Full Frontal' host attacked the political myth of the 'deep state'

By Nick Romano
March 16, 2017 at 09:43 AM EDT
Credit: TBS

The phrase “deep state” has entered mainstream political vocabulary, meant to refer to a secret body of people manipulating government policy outside of democracy. According to Samantha Bee on Full Frontal Wednesday, however, “the deep state is like polio: it exists, just not in America right now.”

CNN recently published an analysis of the phrase, which was first popularized in Turkey as “a set of obscure forces that seem to function beyond the reach of the law.” With Trump’s claim that “the establishment is actually against me,” deep state has become more popular in America.

“The deep state is so deeply buried in its deepy deepness, Sean Hannity had to pull it from the depths of his a–,” Bee joked of Fox News’ deep state coverage. “Just to be clear, that was the nation’s No. 1 cable ‘news station’ mainstreaming one of the far-right and far-left’s favorite conspiracy fever dreams straight into our president’s gullible eye holes.”

The comedienne pointed to various anchors and political commentators who allege the word is misused with reference to Trump. White House Press Secretary Spicer, on the other hand, “wants you to believe these rogue deep state infiltrators are poison-blooded mole people and not just bland paper-pushers who lucked into a government job with benefits,” she said.

But the bigger problem with the deep state is that it “can be whatever the person in power wants it to be.” Bee continued, “The deep state is Barack Obama wiretapping Trump’s microwave and it’s the agencies who can’t find evidence of the tapping. It’s anyone who ruins Donald Trump’s perfect presidency by sabotaging him in the press. It’s the analysts whose facts disagree with his, it could even be the universities that churn out operatives for the secret state within a state.”

Watch Bee’s takedown in the video above.