Celebrate Lauren Graham's 50th birthday with 'coffee coffee coffee'

By Jami Ganz
March 16, 2017 at 11:03 AM EDT

In honor of Lorelai Gilmore, er, Lauren Graham’s 50th birthday, we’re going all-out with a highly caffeinated tribute.

If you’ve watched even one episode of Gilmore Girls (or last year’s Netflix revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life), you know that Graham’s Lorelai is slightly obsessed with coffee. And by slightly, we mean entirely. She says it herself: “It’s just my thing, ’cause everybody knows I drink a lot of coffee, so the day can’t start until I’ve had my jolt. It’s a bit. It’s my bit.”

Take a look above at our montage of five of Lorelai’s most memorable caffeine-related quotes to celebrate this actress and the role we hope she’ll revisit soon (wink, wink, Netflix). And then, test your Graham knowledge and see how you fare in our Lorelai Gilmore vs. Sarah Braverman: Who Said It? quiz.

Now, pass the mocha chocolate caramel swirlacchino with extra whipped cream, please.