By Natalie Abrams
March 16, 2017 at 04:08 PM EDT
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As if the Green Arrow being labeled public enemy No. 1 wasn’t bad enough, now that Oliver has been kidnapped by Chase, Team Arrow is without its fearless leader.

After discovering that Chase (Josh Segarra) is actually Prometheus during Wednesday’s episode of Arrow, Oliver (Stephen Amell) confronted his foe, learning Chase had kidnapped Susan (Carly Pope), thus Team Arrow could not retaliate. But when Oliver uses Chase’s wife as collateral, Chase shocks by killing her and subsequently taking Oliver hostage. What does Team Arrow look like without a leader?

“To a large extent, they’re still trying to figure that out themselves,” Juliana Harkavy told EW on our SiriusXM radio show Superhero Insider. “They want to know, amongst themselves, who the leader is. They try their different shots at establishing who that is. They each have their own individual strengths, so that’s really when you’re going to see those strengths come out is when Oliver is gone, because we just have to rely on ourselves and on each other.”

In the interview, Harkavy also talks about being cast as the Black Canary, the possibility of a Black Canary vs. Black Siren showdown, and what’s in store for Chase’s endgame. Listen to the full episode of Superhero Insider below:

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