Geoff Ramsey changes the rules in video game-centric show

By Clark Collis
March 15, 2017 at 03:48 PM EDT

What is Schooled about? Well, the first season of this video game-centric reality show from production company Rooster Teeth was ultimately about star Geoff Ramsey getting a tattoo of a colleague’s nose after a team of children he trained was beaten by adults from RT’s gaming channel, Achievement Hunter. In season 2 of Schooled, Ramsey is out for revenge, or at least out to not get any more unwelcome body-markings. This time around, he’s pairing each kid with an Achievement Hunter team member and then overseeing the duos as they train and eventually compete in a series of “tests” in which they will be graded and scored. The team that comes out of this semester with the highest score will get to pick a punishment for the AH team member with the lowest score.

Schooled is part of AT&T Hello Lab. The show’s second season debuts today — and you can exclusively watch the premiere, above.