March 15, 2017 at 11:46 AM EDT

In EW’s new column Act With Me, stars share their personal stories about giving back. This week, Private Practice alum Kate Walsh, who’ll next be seen in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why (debuting March 31), discusses her passion for Planned Parenthood, the health organization that provides women with reproductive health care, sex education, and cancer screenings.

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Why I Got Involved
“When I was a struggling actor, I relied on them for my annual exam,” says Walsh, who’s a member of Planned Parenthood’s Board of Advocates and has worked with the organization for more than 10 years. “And it was affordable, because I had no money. I was broke. So it was essential to me, and I wanted to make sure once I got insurance that I would advocate for women.”

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Why It’s Important
As an advocate, Walsh has fought to raise awareness for Planned Parenthood and its mission by lobbying politicians and debunking misinformation. She particularly loves getting to meet and work with young activists around the country, who are taking women’s health and LGBTQ issues into their own hands.”To see kids talking to their peers about safe sex and the inclusion of the LGBTQ community is inspiring to me,” she says.

How You Can Help
“It’s not necessarily about making financial contributions,” Walsh says. Instead, she encourages supporters to visit Planned Parenthood’s website to find out how to get involved. “Go volunteer. Call your senator,” she says. “I know that sounds cliché and boring, but it’s hugely effective. And make sure that [your] friends and families are educated on exactly what Planned Parenthood provides.”

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