Will we find out this week how Jack died?


For those who haven’t been watching This Is Us, Jack’s death isn’t the spoiler — the big questions are how and when he died. Fans may get answers soon, but Milo Ventimiglia is making them wait for it.

On Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host asked Ventimiglia if all will be revealed on this week’s This Is Us. “I mean, maybe, maybe not, maybe you will,” the actor said. “The one thing that you do know is that Jack is dead and everybody’s fascinated with knowing how and when and why. The thing that I keep thinking about, or keep talking about to people is worry about how he’s living, why he’s living. Those are the moments. You don’t want to focus on a death, you wanna focus on his life and his kids.”

“This is your way of telling people you’re not gonna learn anything tomorrow night, right?” Kimmel said, laughing.

“You may, you may,” Ventimiglia teased. “I have no idea — actually, I do have an idea. Yeah, I totally know.”

The actor previously told EW of the This Is Us season finale, “People want to know what happens with Jack. This may be the time when they find out.”

He added: “It’s almost like that drink is a bit of a truth serum and a relaxer to the way that he thinks, ‘I’m going to go get my wife back.’ And it’s a poor decision on his part that may lead to his death.”

As Kimmel pointed out, the one thing that can’t happen is Jack getting killed off the show, since he’s already dead. “There’s no way to re-kill you off the show. You could go in there and demand a huge amount of money right now,” he said.

With This Is Us renewed for two more seasons, he may be around for much longer.

Watch Ventimiglia in the clip above.

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