March 14, 2017 at 09:17 AM EDT

Luke Bryan and Jimmy Fallon came up with a new country music classic that speaks to the everyman in New York City: “I Don’t Know How to Pronounce Gyro.”

The country star tries grabbing some lunch with Fallon in a music video for Monday’s Tonight Show, but he can’t figure out how to pronounce his favorite wrap of “vertical rotisserie of lamb meat.” So the duo turn their angst into art by hitting the studio for a recording session.

“Is it gee-ro, jyro, here-o, or yai-ro? Never been filled with so much doubt,” they sing. “Is it gwy-ro, ga-hee-ro, yurro, or worbtse? We can safely rule that last one out.”

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After mumbling, guessing, and sketching in his journal, Bryan uncovers the truth. “It is yeer-o, it is yeer-o! Now I know it’s yeer-o! The truth is so delicious to find!” he celebrates. “No more fear-o, you’re a hero, cuz now I know it’s yeer-o! I finally got some peace of mind. We finally got some peace of mind.”

Watch Bryan and Fallon in the clip above.

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