By Derek Lawrence
March 13, 2017 at 10:15 PM EDT

Stephen Colbert has joined in ridiculing the White House’s defense of President Donald Trump’s claims that his predecessor, Barack Obama, wiretapped Trump Tower.

A week and a half ago, Trump posted a series of tweets claiming Obama had wiretapped his phones during the election. However, the Department of Justice has yet to offer any evidence supporting allegations, and both the director of the FBI and the former director of national intelligence have said Trump’s claims are false.

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On Monday’s Late Show, Colbert specifically focused on the president’s senior counselor Kellyanne Conway, who has spent the last two days giving interviews about Trump’s Twitter accusations. “Trump adviser and stepmom who is trying to replace your mother Kellyanne Conway explained yesterday that just because there’s no evidence that his phone was wiretapped, doesn’t mean Trump is wrong,” said Colbert.

Then, a clip played of Conway’s interview with the Bergen Record, in which she seemed to reference the recent WikiLeaks dump, which alleged the CIA was spying on citizens through their television sets. The president’s former campaign manager took it a step further, adding, “And microwaves that turn into cameras.”

“It’s true,” Colbert mockingly acknowledged. “Microwaves that turn into cameras — how do you think we film this show?”

Watch the clip above to see Colbert’s cameraman using a microwave to film the show.

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