George Stephanopoulos grilled Trump's senior counselor on 'Good Morning America' Monday

President Donald Trump made waves by accusing former President Barack Obama of ordering a government wiretap on Trump Tower during the presidential campaign, but he has not yet shared evidence to support the claim. Appearing on Good Morning America Monday, Trump's senior counselor Kellyanne Conway addressed the allegations.

"I have no evidence, but that's why there's an investigation in Congress," Conway told anchor George Stephanopoulos. "I would note that [FBI] Director [James] Comey has asked the Department of Justice to make a comment, but he hasn't made a comment. I noticed on your show yesterday with Congressman [Adam] Schiff that he said he plans to ask Director Comey about this when he has him in front of the committee leader in a month."

"So just to be clear, you're saying you have no evidence for these allegations?" Stephanopoulos asked.

"No, of course I don't have any evidence for these allegations, and that answer has nothing to do with what the president said last week," Conway said.

In an interview the Bergen Record published Sunday, Conway suggested that the surveillance could have been done with "microwaves that turn into cameras." She told the New Jersey newspaper, "We know this is a fact of modern life."

That interview came in the wake of WikiLeaks' publication last week of alleged confidential CIA documents extensively detailing the agency's methods for hacking into smartphones, computers, and streaming platforms, among other devices. The Trump administration has not yet offered any evidence that these methods were authorized to monitor their campaign, despite calls from Republicans like Sen. John McCain to do so. The House Intelligence Committee set a Monday deadline for the Department of Justice to provide evidence of Trump's claim, which Comey has reportedly asked the department to reject.

Watch the Good Morning America clip above.

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