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By Dan Bucatinsky
March 13, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT
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Every week, actor Dan Bucatinsky, who plays CTU analyst Andy Shalowitz, a.k.a. the new Chloe O’Brian, will take EW readers behind the scenes of the action-packed 24: Legacy with his blog. Here, he takes us into episode 107, “6:00 PM – 7:00 PM.” Take it away, Dan!

Here’s what you need to know: If you haven’t already, CATCH UP! 24: Legacy is on Mondays on Fox at 8/7c — and if you miss it, binge on Hulu or Fox Now… and episodes replay on Saturdays at 8 p.m. on Fox. It’s worth it — from beginning to end. We got the scripts for the episodes very close to the dates we were shooting and nobody could believe the direction the show takes!! The point is, I’m not just saying it cause I’m in it. And in Episode 107? I’m in it A LOT!

Here’s what happened this week: It’s the aftermath of the bridge explosion. CTU is eerily quiet and subdued. Mullins is feeling the impact. Mariana is seeing terrorism up close for the first time. Mullins shows a soft side, reassuring Mariana “we’ll get through it together.”

Andy tries to appeal to Mullins to regain his clearance. After all, nobody at CTU is better qualified to help. But Mullins won’t have it. Back to logging the servers for Andy. Which is like watching paint dry. Wait. Not so fast. Andy gets a call from the garage. A car alarm is going off. He says the car is “blue teal.” One of my favorite lines of the season comes next. Andy, despite knowing full well it was HIS car that was beeping, corrects the security guard: “I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘teal.'” But it is.

Rebecca takes the bull by the horns and approaches Mullins about using “enhanced interrogation” tactics on her husband’s father, Henry Donovan. But John can’t find out. He’ll never agree. Duh. How’s that conversation supposed to go? “Honey we should have your dad over for brunch on Sunday… but first— can we torture him till he admits he leaked the names of the army rangers and now all but one are dead?” Rebecca assures Mullins she knows just the right guy. Mullins wants to know who? Yep, it’s TONY ALMEIDA. Mullins bristles. The man’s a criminal. Who better? A pilates instructor? No. Henry Donovan is released from CTU.

In the garage, Andy shuts off his car alarm. But then it goes off again. As he gets closer, a figure grabs him from behind, pulling him into the shadows. It’s Eric Carter. What ever happened to a good, old-fashioned tap on the shoulder?

Eric asks Andy if he’ll help Jadalla “fix” the flash drive — but really erase it. Andy thinks of a virus, but they’ll know as soon as the files are erased. So how do they get out alive? Beat. Beat. “We don’t.” It’s a suicide play. To save thousands of people…Andy’s just lost his boyfriend and his clearance at CTU. He needs a little “pick-me-up”…and nothing like a suicide mission to make you feel like a hero.

Andy gets his equipment: ready for the mission. On his way out, a quick stop with Agent Locke — he may be needy and insecure, but he has other qualities he wished he could’ve shown him. (He’ll see, just wait!!)

Almeida and his team of thugs come up on Henry in his car and put a gas tube through the roof — knocking everyone out. Plus there’s this cool blue-lit disk that looks like an Airwick Stick Up air freshener. The man HAS been sweating under interrogation.

Meanwhile, Isaac and Nicole are tied to a pipe. He admits she made the right choice in picking his brother. He’s afraid they won’t live through the day. You can see his love for her, again — like if you’re gifted with sight. Thugs come and beat him and take Nicole. Jadalla asks her to tend to his wounds. She is a nurse, though clearly not the bedpan kind because she sure knows how to suture.

Andy sits in Carter’s truck trying to write the virus when Locke shows up with a gun. He knew something was up when Andy left midday with his bag. They explain the plan. Locke and Carter get into a pretty intense hand-to-hand kerfuffle. Andy grabs a gun and yells, “Freeze.” And ladies and gentlemen, THAT is as badass as he’s ever been. Locke knows he won’t pull the trigger. But it gives Carter time to tie up Locke so Andy can go back to writing the virus.

Rebecca shows up in the warehouse where they’ve got Henry. She and Almeida plan the strategy while his hench woman SIDRA figures out about Tony and Rebecca’s romantic past. She’s less than thrilled. Tony starts interrogating Henr, who continues to deny the claims. They threaten to inject him with a drug that’ll hurt like hell. I’d start talking as soon as I saw her break out the black rubber gloves!

Andy and Carter tie up Locke. Andy keeps working on the virus. Jadalla let’s Eric speak with Nicole — but Jadalla threatens to kill them. Meanwhile, Locke begs Andy not to go through with it. It’s a heartfelt moment between these two guys and you can actually see how much they care about each other. I almost lost it when Locke (Bailey Chase) said, “I don’t want to lose you.”

Isaac gets thrown into a van with Nicole. He’s been kicked around pretty hard. But Isaac is tough: “You know my grandma used to hit harder than them.”

Senator Donovan confronts Mullins about releasing his father, “the one person who might be able to lead you to Jadalla.” Rebecca finally calls her husband so she can tell him the truth. She tells him they upped the ante on interrogation tactics but that nothing will happen to his father until Donovan arrives.

Andy pops pills…they’re probably Tums. Oh no, they’re Ativan. Duh. He used to take one a day with his coffee. Should never have stopped. I should try that, actually. Carter gives some sage advice from his days as a ranger running raids in Baghdad: “Just take it one step at a time.” Where’d he get that? Came in a cookie with his eggrolls. Carter and Andy arrive in a junkyard where they meet Jadalla’s men. Andy’s a wreck. This is it! Andy just concentrates on not pooping his pants before Jadalla arrives.

Isaac, in fear of dying, decides to confess his love for Nicole one final time. With Jadalla and his thug in their Uber pool, they arrive at the junkyard to meet Carter and Andy.

When Carter asks to see his wife before handing over Andy, Jadalla’s right-hand man pulls a gun on him. Carter flies into action, holding his gun on Andy. If Jadalla’s men don’t lower their guns, he’ll blow Andy — the man they need most — to oblivion. Andy is very surprised. And by “surprised” I mean poops the above-mentioned pants and regrets not having taken a second Ativan.

Jadalla’s guys lower their guns and they release Nicole and Isaac from the van. Nicole breaks into a run and lands in Carter’s arms. Carter demands they get in his truck and drive to CTU. Nicole doesn’t want to leave without her husband, but you can’t always get what you want. Not on 24. It dawns on her that Eric might not make it out alive. She cries out for him as she and Isaac pile into the truck and drive away.

Andy looks far from pleased being escorted into the back of Jadalla’s van. Like that moment when I was a kid and my dad took me on a really scary ride and we both yelled for them to let us off. They did, ultimately. But Andy has no such luck. He’s got to go through with it. Why do I always end up on these shows where I can end up with a bullet or six in the back?

Just before leaving, Jadalla turns to one of his men and asks that he find Nicole and Isaac and kill them both. Umm, can you say “best cliffhanger ever”?

In the scene where Andy is begging Mullins for his clearance back, I kept calling Teddy “Director Melons” and we couldn’t stop laughing. It’s a miracle we got a usable take. I think I’m overacting in that scene a little bit because I was trying so hard not to laugh.

I found this meme of Gerald McRaney (Henry Donovan) on Twitter posing as the new Grumpy Cat. We were lucky enough to get Gerald, who’s been busy on 11 million other shows and wound up shooting his scenes from five episodes of 24: Legacy in one week!

In the scene when Carter and Andy first arrive at the junkyard, the original script had Andy throwing up by the side of the car. Probably throwing up his Ativan. But apparently audiences have a higher tolerance for heightened interrogation tactics than a vomiting computer analyst.

Here, we were about to shoot, waiting for the sunset (Golden Hour).

24 Legacy

Between takes, Corey Hawkins caught up on emails — and I caught up on catching Corey catching up on emails.

24 Legacy

Before shooting the scene in the parking garage with my “teal” car, we were shooting the scene where Locke sneaks up on Carter and Andy. In order to make the schedule, we had to get from one set to the next very quickly. Trying to be helpful, I insisted on using my Waze app to get us there. But I entered the wrong address and the van took us 40 minutes off-route to a country club in the suburbs. I was just trying to help. No good deed goes unpunished. Maybe actors need to act — and leave the driving to the drivers. Once we finally arrived, it wasn’t hard to play frantic.

24 Legacy
24 Legacy

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