'If you say you're all about the forgotten man, then why would your priorities be the corporations?'

By Jami Ganz
March 10, 2017 at 01:04 PM EST
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Before he officially took office, President Donald Trump pledged to ensure that the “forgotten men and the forgotten women” would be forgotten no more.

Trevor Noah offered a new interpretation of the message on Thursday night’s Daily Show, saying, “Trump and his people will not forget you, unless you’re a Russian ambassador, then that never happened.”

In honor of the forgotten man’s return, Noah suggested we “celebrate everything President Trump has already accomplished for them,” and he captured the message by performing a musical number with comedian and correspondent Jordan Klepper.

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Set in front of screens bearing a tractor trailer and dilapidated farmhouse, Noah and Klepper were clad in cowboy garb and perched atop haystacks as they bemoaned the loss of Obama in a Johnny Cash-esque number.

Klepper strummed a washboard and echoed Noah as the host targeted a slew of Trump’s policies in lyrics touching on news clips he played. Starting with the environment, Noah sang, “More pollution means more coal. More coal means more jobs, so who cares if they poison the streams? Because the forgotten man needs jobs not water, although also water. I mean, everyone needs water… But Trump’s not the president of water. He came to help the forgotten man, the forgotten man, so what if he has nothing to drink?”

A subsequent clip focused on Trump’s memorandum to remove the Fiduciary Rule, to which Noah responded, “Wait, so we’re trusting these crooks from the housing crisis to not screw us over this time?”

Lastly, the show featured a clip detailing how the FCC allowed internet providers to sell the personal information of customers without the customers’ permission. “Wait, what? Trump administration’s letting cable companies sell our browsing history?” Noah sputtered before asking, “If you say you’re all about the forgotten man, then why would your priorities be the corporations?”

Watch the performance above. The Daily Show airs weekdays on Comedy Central at 11 p.m. ET.

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