By Ariana Bacle
March 10, 2017 at 01:30 PM EST
Suzanne Hanover/Netflix

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Claudia O’Doherty shines in Netflix’s Love, where she plays Mickey’s perpetually sunny roommate, Bertie. As costar Gillian Jacobs tells EW, “Claudia O’Doherty is one of the most talented people alive.” With season 2 streaming now, we get to know the Australian actress, who has also written for and appeared on Inside Amy Schumer. Read on to find out about her deep appreciation for pasta, why It’s Complicated is her favorite Meryl Streep movie, and what snake-related trauma she encountered on the Inside Amy Schumer set.

My favorite Meryl Streep movie: “I really love It’s Complicated. It’s a very gentle, comforting movie, and there’s a really good joke where Meryl Streep says she prefers a lot of semen. It’s a perfect line.”

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My go-to movie munchie: “I find popcorn to be a waste of food, in terms of: If I could be eating spaghetti, I don’t want to eat popcorn. I’m really dedicated to spaghetti. I have spaghetti fever.”

The last pet I adored: “I fostered a terrier mix last year, and she was lovely. When she came from the shelter, her name was Bella Swan, after the character from Twilight. I changed it to Peppercorn. I like to give dogs very silly names and cats very serious names, like Susan.”

My guiltiest pleasure: “I watch The Bachelor. I enjoy how boring it is. It’s two hours of nothing happening, and I always wonder about the women in the house, because it seems like all they can do is sit on the couch and drink wine.”

My proudest moment on Inside Amy Schumer: “I was very shocked and proud to get my sketch about a snake doctor on the show. It’s really dumb. But I ended up having to hold like 20 disgusting snakes. One of them did defecate on me, which was deeply unsettling. It smelled like chemicals that would kill you. We filmed in winter, and the snakes weren’t meant to be in cold temperatures. But the snakes didn’t die, so don’t worry… if you were worried.” (Skip to about the 11-minute mark in the episode below to see the sketch.)

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