By Rachel DeSantis
March 10, 2017 at 11:00 AM EST

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For a celebrity, it’s pretty much a rite of passage to be mocked on Saturday Night Live.

Keith Morrison got the SNL treatment several years ago courtesy of Bill Hader, and during his interview with Kristen Bell in honor of Dateline‘s 25th anniversary, the Dateline correspondent revealed what he really thought of Hader’s impression.

“It’s very funny,” Morrison said after Bell asked if he enjoyed watching it. “The first time it happened, I was on the west coast, I had a daughter living on the east coast, and I get this call at 9 o’clock at night in L.A. She’s screaming on the phone, I couldn’t tell what the problem was. And eventually, she managed to get out that I had to watch Saturday Night Live, and I’m like, ‘What the hell? Why?’ And then I watched it and I didn’t know…whether to s— or go blind. I mean, it’s weird when somebody does that.”

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Bell then revealed that she can only sort of relate, since the only people who do impressions of her are her husband, Dax Shepard, and their two daughters.

“They just act really goody-goody, or they throw out some rules,” she explained. “They get real emotional, because I’m pretty emotional. My emotional scale, if it’s not between a three and a seven, I’m crying.”

Watch the full interview below:

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