The comedienne eviscerated Trump's wiretapping claims against Barack Obama

By Nick Romano
March 09, 2017 at 08:46 AM EST
Credit: TBS

Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah threw their comedic jabs at Donald Trump over his allegation that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower before the election. Now it’s Samantha Bee‘s turn. The Full Frontal host joked the president’s tweet storm was the equivalent of shooting “himself in the d—.”

“Oh that’s new: white guy shoots himself in the d—, tries to pin it on a black guy. When has that ever happened?” she said sarcastically, citing three news headlines of similar instances.

“To be fair, there’s a good chance Trump fell asleep watching news, rolled over on the remote, and woke up during The Wire. Mr. President, that’s not Barack Obama. I mean, I get why you’d think Obama would ‘tapp’ your phone, just look at how angry he is and obsessed with you,” she continued, pointing to Obama’s vacation photos and emphasizing Trump’s misspelling of the word “tap” on Twitter. “He can barely stay up on that surfboard from all the rage and hatred for your administration.”

Bee kicked off the segment by first slamming Trump’s address to Congress, as well as media pundits’ responses.

“Last week, America’s one-man white supremacist employment program managed to talk about his dystopian agenda using an indoor voice without mentioning his electoral college win or deporting anyone from Congress. Hooray!” she said. “For this astonishing feat, the pundits rained golden compliments down on him in the warmest shower he’s ever had outside of Moscow.”

Reviewing footage of MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, and CNN anchors calling Trump’s speech “more presidential,” “an extraordinary moment,” and “a great reset button,” Bee added, “If pundits set the bar for President Trump any lower, even Jeff Sessions won’t be able to walk under it without bumping his head.”

Elsewhere, Bee addressed “Steve Bannon’s news-Pepe of record,” radio host Mark Levin, “whose voices told him Obama is behind a silent coup against Trump.”

“Solid,” she remarked. “Just one of those classic coups where a president uses the might of the government to spy on an opponent and then doesn’t release any of the information he found, lets the other guy win and then isn’t president anymore. Classic coup, exactly what that word means.”

Watch Bee in the clip at the top.