How would 'The Late Show' and 'The Late Late Show' run without women?

By Nick Romano
March 09, 2017 at 09:21 AM EST
Credit: CBS

What would become of The Late Show and The Late Late Show without their female crew members? Stephen Colbert and James Corden took a gander in their tributes to A Day Without a Woman on Wednesday night.

Colbert and Late Show writer-producer Paul Dinello attempted to scrap together an opening monologue without the show’s female staff. That meant no clip (Anne and Emily run the footage department), no sock puppets for a reenactment (Maggie runs props), no story about Trump’s latest actions (Gloria runs the research department), and no proper hair, makeup, or wardrobe treatments.

All they had was a script written by the male writers that read, “Open on Voltron and Chewbacca team up to drive monster trucks with their penises.” Colbert giggled, “That’s really good.” Watch the bit in the clip above.

Later in the episode, Colbert gave the Statue of Liberty “a day off” in light of its recent power outage. “There’s just something about 2017 that turns a woman off,” he joked before introducing her replacement, “Dude Liberty.” “You’re supposed to be a welcoming beacon to immigrants fleeing oppression, right?” Colbert asked.

“I am, man. As long as they chip in for beer, everyone’s welcome,” Dude Liberty said.

Meanwhile, on The Late Late Show, Corden attempted to raise the curtains but found nothing was running properly because his female coworkers were given the day off. “Come on, fellas! We must know how to start the show on our own,” he said. “Well listen, everybody, on the count of three, just press all of the buttons in front of you… Something’s bound to happen.”

International Women’s Day on March 8 marked A Day Without a Woman, which simultaneously acknowledged the contributions women have made to society and recognized gender inequality, sexual harassment, and discrimination.


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