Despite what they might like you to believe, your favorite stars aren’t excluded from scarring dating experiences any more than the rest of us. Similar to their characters on Judd Apatow’s Netflix series, Love — which centers on the romantic exploits of an addict, Mickey Dobbs (Gillian Jacobs) and her beau, Gus Cruikshank (Paul Rust) — Jacobs and Rust haven’t always had the best time in the dating world.

“The first text I ever got was somebody breaking plans on a first date,” Rust admitted during an appearance on Entertainment Weekly: The Show. “That was like the worst way to be introduced to a new technology is with rejection.”

Jacobs quickly countered: “One time a guy took my phone and threw it across the bar, and then I still gave him a ride home,” she recalled. “I don’t know why I still gave him a ride home after that.” The Community alum later recalled being “so single and so desperate” when she first moved to New York City, that she was thrilled when a stranger gave her his number on the subway. Her friends, wisely, wouldn’t allow her to call it.

Laughing, Rust noted, “I would love a Gillian Jacobs New York Tour of Bad Dates.” Sign us up for that one as well.

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