Spoiler Alert: It's pretty bleak.

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Turns out women do a whole lot to make sure Full Frontal with Samantha Bee runs smoothly — and by a whole lot we mean almost everything.

In this PEOPLE exclusive clip of the show — it returns tonight after a two-week break — the star of the series demonstrates how vital women are to every aspect of the TBS hit, from camera work to scripts to audience management.

“Are you saying it’s the day without a woman and nobody told me,” a bemused Bee, 47, announced after delivering a head-scratching sports joke that segued into a Trump administration quip featuring the name of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn misspelled as “Micael Flyne” below a photo of Cookie Monster.

Then, as the comedian peered out into the audience, she could see that it was empty except for four seats occupied by male staffers.

“Where’s the audience?” she asked in mock-confusion after appearing out of focus and off-center onscreen.

“Uh, your audience coordinator’s out today,” one man said.

“Oh, and about half the writers and producers, all your researchers, the digital department, half the control room,” said another, as they ticked off other missing staffers.

(They then flashed to the lone woman on set aside from Bee — the stage manager, who was sitting down and reading a book while holding a “This is a protest” sign.)

The female members of Bee’s staff are taking part in A Day Without Women — coinciding with International Women’s Day on Wednesday — in which they take a day off from paid and unpaid duties in a “demonstration of economic solidarity,” according to the movement’s official website.

Organizers of the enormously successful Women’s March on Washington are behind the effort, and according to The New York Times it’s “a test of whether anti-Trump fervor can be turned into a sustained political movement.”

But all that was seemingly news to The Daily Show alum, who jokingly seemed shocked when she learned she was the only female staffer not taking part in the mass demonstration — even if she ultimately proved her feminist cred.

“I am outta here!” she declared, then awkwardly ripped off her jacket to reveal her “feminist” T-shirt underneath.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee airs Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on TBS.

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