By Ariana Bacle
March 08, 2017 at 10:30 AM EST
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Love is a many-splendored thing — but maybe too splendored for Mickey (Gillian Jacobs), who realized she was a sex-and-love addict in Love’s season 1 finale. That doesn’t put much of a damper on her relationship with Gus (Paul Rust), though: He responds to the news by kissing her in the debut season’s final moment, where the second picks up.

“Mickey is sort of like, ‘What the f—?'” Jacobs tells EW, “because it’s a pretty weird response to someone telling you that they’re a sex-and-love addict and they want to take a year off dating. I think that triggered something in Gus’ little codependent mind.”

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Although she tries to take it slow, they have a hard time staying apart. Jacobs promises that “you do really get to see what works with the two of them in this season.” She explains, “You get to see why they’re drawn to each other, the fact that they really do get along, make each other laugh, have a good time together.”

They also still have their fair share of problems. “I think when you’re ignoring big issues in your relationships, they’ll flare up,” Jacobs says. “So we’ll see that too. They’re two people who are jumping in and ignoring a lot of the red flags.”

Mickey’s attempt to adopt a new sober lifestyle throws an extra wrench in their dynamic, partly because Gus thinks he has the power to “save” her and partly because she’s, well, a huge mess.

“Sometimes when she starts to make progress, she gets a little scared, and her reaction is to act out in another area of her life,” Jacobs teases. Example? “I knock a lot of things over,” she says with a laugh. “With her, she’s not a klutz; she’s destructive.”

Love’s second season debuts on Netflix Friday, March 10. Watch the trailer above.

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