By Dalton Ross
March 06, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST

For some seasons of Survivor, producers throw the whole kitchen sink at contestants when it comes to twists. For other installments, they can go a little lighter. So what should viewers — and the contestants themselves — expect for Game Changers (which premieres March 8 on CBS)?

Host Jeff Probst already revealed the big change to the voting rules — that there will no longer be any revote after a tie. But that’s not the only change. “Given that it is Game Changers, we’re going to change the game constantly,” says Probst. And that includes shaking up the hidden immunity idols as well by eliminating any sort of pattern.

“When it comes to idols, there will be no consistency,” Probst told us out in Fiji at the start of filming. “Usually there’s a theme. You have to find them in a certain way or work a certain amount of effort to get it. Not this time. One might drop in your lap, one might be at Tribal, one might be at the bottom of the well, one might be at a challenge. It depends how often idols get played for how far down the list we’ll get. Because if idols are held until the end, then we won’t see anything and we’ll use them next year. But if things go well and people start playing their idols — which I think will happen — it could be a really fun and crazy adventure to watch them and what they have to do to get them.”

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It will be interesting to see if and how the players adjust to this, especially if there is actually an idol hidden at Tribal Council (because that would be awesome). So how twisty will Game Changers be and how do Probst and the producers decide how far they can go with the shocks and surprises?

“The original premise, certainly for me, was to give them room to play and try to go to the edge of too much and stop one step short,” says the host. “We might go too far, we might not go far enough. It’s hard to know because most of this stuff is already laid out. We know when we’re going to switch the tribes, we know what were going to do if there’s an extra person, we know what we’re going to do if this happens. So a lot of it falls into the hands of: What do they do with the game we give them to play? But yes, we want them to play. We want them to have decisions to make. And we want to give them the opportunity to do what they’re good at, which is making moves.”

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