March 06, 2017 at 08:26 PM EST

You may have caught some footage from the first Survivor: Game Changers immunity challenge, but what players should be really worried about is the second one taking place in the two-hour premiere March 8 on CBS. Because it is absolutely brutal. And I know, because I did it.

I’ve tested out around 16 different challenges in my years visiting Survivor, competing with the Dream Team of twenty-somethings as well as various other members of the press — and the second Survivor: Game Changers immunity challenge is by far the hardest one I’ve ever done. In this new video, Survivor challenge producer John Kirhoffer shows you what the contestants are up against, as I compete against Friday Night Lights star Scott Porter in a full rehearsal just a few days before the real deal

If getting the 30-foot, 400-pound waterlogged snake up and out a cage isn’t difficult enough, the contestants then need to walk it over a balance beam and finish by trying to hook rings onto paddles that will spell out IMMUNITY, and that last part is deceptively difficult (I speak from experience).

So get your first look at this monster of a challenge right here, and as a bonus, watch me embarrass myself repeatedly. (I’m the guy with the shirt that says “Dalton.” Go figure.)

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