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Every week, actor Dan Bucatinsky, who plays CTU analyst Andy Shalowitz, a.k.a. the new Chloe O’Brien, takes EW readers behind the scenes of the action-packed 24: Legacy with his blog. Here, he takes us into episode 105, “5:00 PM – 6:00 PM.” Take it away, Dan!

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WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK: Carter takes a moment for a tearful goodbye with his now dead ranger buddy Ben Grimes. But within minutes he’s still pinning hopes the confiscated laptop will lead them to Jadalla Bin Khalid before there’s a terrorist attack.

He calls for Nicole to be picked up from Isaac’s drug-dealing crib to the safety of CTU — but it’s clear Isaac wants her to stay. And she knows it too. Torn between two lovers? Maybe. But she’s married to one of them — even if he can’t seem to put her before, you know, trying to be a hero….

The laptop DOES lead to the passports of the terrorists — all with fake names and a single address. CTU is alerted and they’re sending a team. Why the address wouldn’t be as fake as the names? I don’t know. But one thing is for sure, Andy is nowhere to be found. Remember, he lost all clearance last episode, so Director Mullins probably has him stocking toilet paper in the CTU men’s rooms.

Carter requests CTU assistance in the takedown of Jadalla. After losing so many of his squad members, it feels personal. Plus he really, really wants to. Well… That’s all Mullins needs to hear. Carter is given the green light.

Amira, the dutiful daughter and heartless terrorist, is loving enough to give her diabetic, tied-up father a sip of water before heading out for a day of death and destruction. As she leaves, her father reminds her that her religion is about family and peace and anything else is a “twisted perversion.” You think? But he should’ve maybe had his eye on the ball a little sooner cause this chick is too far done. Remember, she just murdered her boyfriend in a hospital bed. “I raised you better than this,” he says. Really? You didn’t help her Brownie troop on their Pipe-Bomb Badge?

Donovan tries to get his father, Henry, to admit to being the leak of the Rangers’ names — but he manages to defy even CTU’s most advanced and might I add nifty looking lie-detection cuffs (coming soon to QVC?)… As a result, Donovan decides to withdraw from the race.

Harris notices Amira is having second thoughts and tries to talk her into bailing on the whole “let’s kill thousands of people” project… He thought terrorism might be the way into her heart? This guy hasn’t watched a lot of rom-coms, has he? In an act of bravery, he grabs the gun, gets Amira behind him, and shoots Amira’s brother. Bam, he goes down. Then Amira, in an act of loyalty, stabs Harris once, twice and BAM! He goes down. It’s just like an episode of that old ABC show Brothers & Sisters right? Only TOTALLY different. Now it’s up to Amira to go on the suicide terror attack or her brother will not die a martyr. Kind of the point, right?

A news story about Gabriel and his men is leaked on the internet which threatens to quash the CTU operation, and guess what? Jadalla’s peeps have access to the internet too! So they know people may have intel about their whereabouts and are on the move! There’s a reason they call it WORLDWIDE web. And just as the CTU car shows up to pick up Nicole from Isaac’s, Jadalla’s men show up in a van, shoot the CTU agents, beat Isaac, and drag both him and Nicole into the van as hostages. Now Eric Carter’s brother AND WIFE are in the hands of the terrorist. PERFECT. Someone needs a “Hang in There” kitten poster. And FAST.

Amira, with newfound bravery and a skip in her step, heads off in her van of explosives. But it doesn’t take long for her dad to break free and discover the evidence of his kids’ project to blow up the George Washington Bridge! Such a far cry from the macaroni art they made as kids. CTU tracks the truck on the bridge and alerts a poor schlub of a security guard to take out Amira if he sees her… WHICH HE DOES!! The truck careens into the guard-rail. If only he could get a selfie while doing it — his grandkids will never believe it. There’s only one problem: When he comes around to see the status of Amira, she — with only a drop of life left in her — pushes the red button and triggers the explosion. The George Washington Bridge goes up in flames! Everyone’s jaw drops. Hearts stop. Amira’s father sees the explosion in the distance and is overcome — both his kids are dead. This actor, Ivo Nandi, is so brutally honest and moving — let’s get him his Emmy now, please.

The episode ends with Jadalla calling Eric Carter and asking for someone who can fix the damaged flash drive in exchange for his brother and his wife. If he fails? He’ll kill them both. But, I mean… who does Eric Carter know that could fix a flash drive?

WHAT YOU COULDN’T POSSIBLY KNOW (so I’m gonna tell you…): ANDY doesn’t get that much screen time in this episode. (I’m not bitter.) His clearance was revoked, remember? So, not much for him to do. But… there were a couple of moments that actually didn’t make it into the episode. First, the phone call with Locke where Andy told him he could have used “courage”: The call didn’t really end there. Locke admitted that he broke up with Andy NOT out of fear of being out… but because Andy is REALLY ANNOYING! I remember finding this such a refreshing and post-modern approach to a gay romance, where the closet had nothing to do with it. It’s just such a universal experience!

A later scene was also cut where Andy finds a photo of himself and Locke on a hike and he tearfully deletes it from his phone. I think we’re left with far more mystery in their relationship as it’s playing now…

Coral Peña (Mariana) had a funny and interesting behind-the-scenes moment in this episode. She woke up one morning before shooting with an allergic reaction that made one of her eyes blow up. A doctor gave her a shot of Benadryl which then made her sleepy for the rest of the day. Check for sleepy-face on Mariana in her scenes in 106! Here’s the Instagram photo that Coral posted that day:

And Anna Diop (Nicole) reminded me that in the big shootout scene with her and Isaac just before they get abducted by Jadalla’s men, they could only do a few takes because of all the people and gunfire… But she got caught up in the moment and ruined a big take by yelling out “ASHLEY,” the actor’s name, instead of the character’s name: “ISAAC!” Luckily, she nailed it in the other takes.

And lastly, you can’t imagine the amazing green-screen and digital effects work by our computer graphics specialist, Olivier Benamou, and the special effects team in creating so much of the visual content for 106, including that amazing bridge explosion! The show wouldn’t be what it is without him! So many scenes are shot on stages and locations with giant green screens behind them and the authentic locations inserted digitally in post-production. It’s TRUE MAGIC.

24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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