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March 05, 2017 at 12:36 PM EST

Men posing as feminists have feelings, too — ones that are easily bruised, judging by a new Saturday Night Live digital short.

The clip, titled “Girl at a Bar,” sees a foursome of potential suitors clamoring for a woman’s affections while touting their pro-woman beliefs as a means to seal the deal.

“Would you maybe want to hang out some time? Yeah, like a date,” one of the men, who’s rocking a “The Future is Female” tee, asks. When Strong’s character declines, his demeanor quickly changes as he screams, “I’m wearing this shirt and you won’t even let me nut!?”

Watch the clip above, and read our recap of the episode — hosted by Hidden Figures‘ Octavia Spencer — here.

The original late-night comedy sketch show from the one and only Lorne Micheals.
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