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Sunday night, a facilities manager at a small Massachusetts college will persuade a brainy history professor to zip up in a most unconventional time machine with him and journey back to the 1770s to help jumpstart the American Revolution.

Did we mention that this guy may have not been so respectful of the space-time continuum and that he actually started dating Paul Revere’s daughter? Because that kind of happened too.

Before you tune in tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET to the premiere of Fox comedy Making History — which stars Adam Pally as Dan the time-tripping troublemaker, Leighton Meester as his colonial girlfriend, Deborah Revere, and Yassir Lester as the not-okay-with-this professor, Chris — check out these 10 History hints from series creator Julius “Goldy” Sharpe so you can know exactly what the future, er, past has in store for you.

1. “You can look forward to three people stuffed uncomfortably in a duffel bag — none of those luxurious time machines on this show!”

2. “Sit back and enjoy Al Capone’s wife in a fistfight with a colonial woman.”

3. “Ever wonder how the Founding Fathers would adapt to life today? Well, in this show, John Hancock gets addicted to cocaine and forces Sam Adams to participate in ‘Bumfights.'”

4. “Chris and Dan fail to kill Hitler, but do steal his cereal spoon, causing him a very mild inconvenience.”

5. “Feel better about your own eating habits as Dan eats 30 scoops of ice cream in one sitting.”

6. “Chris’ frequent time-travel absences are misconstrued as a sex addiction, and he just goes with it.”

7. “Shirtless Ben Vereen*.”

8. “Deborah and Dan plan to open an ice-cream themed night club called ‘Night Cream.'”

9. “John Hancock and Sam Adams duel for the hand of a water delivery woman.”

10. “Oh — Dan accidentally kills someone.”

(*Here is a fun fact about Ben Vereen, straight from the set and courtesy of Pally: “Ben Vereen does have an odd quirk, which is that he plays pan flute in between takes to center himself. So when you’re in the duffel bag for, like, 10 hours, it sounds like you’re at the end of a massage all day.”)

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