By Ruth Kinane
March 03, 2017 at 09:48 AM EST

Beauty and the Beast

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When Beauty and the Beast opens on March 17, Emma Watson is sure to dazzle audiences in a floor-length golden ball gown, but her fashion taste wasn't always quite so grand.

Watson stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, where the host shared a throwback pic of the young actress at her first ever movie premiere — for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone — wearing not exactly the most fetching getup.

"My mom and I planned this for weeks," confesses Watson appraising the ankle-length, loose-fitting, gray dress to which she had added a black feather boa for some extra oomph. "It doesn't look like it, but a lot of thought went into this. I thought I looked amazing by the way."

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Leaving behind questionable fashion choices, DeGeneres goes on to ask Watson if the role of Belle was one she had envisioned playing as a young girl watching Beauty and the Beast.

"Oh my God, if you would've told me when I was five — which was probably around the age that I was watching it on repeat — that I would one day get to play Belle from Beauty and the Beast, I don't know what I would've done," she replies. "A. I wouldn't have believed you and B. I would've freaked out." Adding, "I watched it so many times I made my parents crazy — like, so many times."

DeGeneres then compliments Watson for altering her portrayal of the character to bring a slightly stronger persona to the Disney princess.

"I think it was very important to me that she be very active and she be in control of her own destiny," says Watson. "I wanted her to be powerful, which she already was, to be honest."

Watch the interview clip above.

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