It's the smooch reverberating far beyond the Magic Kingdom

Star vs. The Forces of Evil

It's the smooch reverberating far beyond the Magic Kingdom: Disney's first gay kiss was featured in an episode of the animated children's cartoon Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

"Just Friends," a recent episode of the Disney XD series, finds characters Star, Marco, and Jackie attending the concert of their favorite band, Love Sentence. The music inspires most of the audience to lock lips with their significant others, and a few same-sex couples are included.

The first instance takes place midway through the titular song (which you can watch a clip of above and see pictures of below), when a male couple kisses. The next few feature at least two female couples and occur in a group shot after Marco realizes his best friend has run off.

Credit: Disney

The Disney XD show follows the adventures of Star, a princess from another dimension, and Marco, a friend whose family welcomes Star into their home, as they attend high school and attempt to prevent her magical wand from ending up in the wrong hands. The show was created by Daron Nefcy, making her only the second woman to create an animated Disney show.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil has been renewed for a third season, which will premiere this summer.

Star vs. The Forces of Evil
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