By Nivea Serrao
March 03, 2017 at 07:04 PM EST
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Over the course of two seasons, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has produced 88 songs — 40 of which appear on the official season 2 soundtrack.

The soundtrack, released March 2, features 35 songs from the second season — including its theme song, “I’m Just a Girl In Love,” and the Beyoncé-inspired track “Love Kernels” — as well as five bonus tracks audiences haven’t heard yet.

“We have two cut songs that we couldn’t fit in episodes, and then some other demos that show our artistic process,” says Rachel Bloom, the show’s co-creator and star. “So for the fans who are TV nerds like myself, who want to know how the songwriting process works, the demo tracks show them that.”

And of course, one of the tracks included on the album is none other than the “Period Sex,” which the show teased for a few episodes before eventually releasing online.

“In the writing of the episode, Rebecca was going to be like, ‘Now we can have period sex,’ and it just seemed like a very natural time because she’s in a very manic state for her to bust into a song,” said Bloom of the song. “But of course the joke of the song is it’s so inappropriate for that moment and gross that it would be cut off very quickly. I really pushed for that to be a runner throughout the season. It was definitely my pet project.”

The CW show’s second season focused on Rebecca’s relationship with Josh Chan — and ended with him leaving her at the altar. In the process, Rebecca’s journey, and those of the people around her, saw the show delve into various musical genres as part of its storytelling; the show referenced Irish drinking songs as Greg sang about what happens when he drinks (“Greg’s Drinking Song”) and channeled the Spice Girls when celebrating Rebecca, Heather, and Valencia’s newfound friendship (“Friendtopia”).

“Like last season, we want to always do something new, and we don’t want to repeat ourselves,” says Bloom. “We don’t want to repeat ourselves, which gets harder and harder and harder when you’re doing a musical show, and you’re getting into season 2, 3, 4, etc. So doing different genres is a way for us to do new things.”

Given the show’s extensive — and extremely catchy — song list, Bloom says it’s hard for her to pick a favorite. “They’re all my babies. [But] I would say my top three are maybe ‘The Math of Love Triangles,’ ‘Remember That We Suffered,’ and ‘We Tapped That Ass.'”

But while Bloom has shared episode titles from the upcoming third season, she says any teases about songs would give too much away.

“All I’ll say is it’s a different thesis statement, so we’ll have a different theme song,” Bloom says. “It’s Rebecca telling herself she’s going to be the scorned woman now.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been renewed for a third season.

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