"Despite what you heard from the media about Trump's performance, the speech was heavy on empty promises and light on substance."

Seth Meyers took aim at the media’s response to Donald Trump’s address to Congress on Wednesday’s Late Night, mocking the pundits and reporters for their claims of a “normal” and more “presidential” tone from the president.

“Trump did manage to sustain a more moderate tone last night, but he also offered the same empty solutions to nonexistent problems. Let’s not get fooled again, we’ve been here with Trump before. To many, the speech sounded presidential, but to others it sounded like a twig snapping in the woods,” Meyers said, pointing to Judge Elena Kagan’s fearful reaction to Trump’s speech.

The host skewered Fox anchor Chris Wallace’s assertion that Trump became the president during that speech. “I bet there are some Muslims and undocumented immigrants that would tell you he became president back in f—ing January,” Meyers remarked. “Guys, seriously, do you have amnesia? We have been here many times before for like a year and a half now. Did you forget all the other times you said the exact same thing?”

The Democratic response wasn’t much better for Meyers.

“Despite what you heard from the media about Trump’s performance, the speech was heavy on empty promises and light on substance,” he added. “There were so many unanswered questions it was time for the Democrats to respond. You might think now would be a good time to showcase some young, up-and-coming talent, a hotshot like Corey Booker or Kirsten Gillibrand? So who did they get?”

Noting former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, he said, “I’m sorry, so the Democratic response was delivered by the survivors of a zombie apocalypse?”

Watch Meyers in the clip above.

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