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Note: Only scroll down if you actually want to see the rather gruesome bite-filled photo.

Anastasia Ashley won her first major surfing title at only 16 and conquered the 2010 Pipeline Woman’s Pro in Hawaii. But nothing could prepare Ashley for her stint on Naked and Afraid. Though the surfer and model wisely made a bikini out of duct tape (take that, MacGyver), it didn’t prevent her from being eaten alive by insects.

Below is a shot of her back she sent to after six days in the bush of Belize, during which she says she endured thousands of bites from sand flies:

Anastasia Ashley

“Being attacked from a swarm of freshly hatched bugs that decided I was their host while naked in the jungle, with nowhere to hide is really the worst experiences of my life,” Ashley tells us. “It was pure torture. We wanted to jump in the fire to try to end the itching. Luckily we didn’t.”

And that makeshift bikini? Isn’t the show called Naked and Afraid? “As a pro surfer I am in a bikini most of my life and I am very comfortable with my body and being in a bikini, but stripping out of that is a very vulnerable and awkward experience,” she tells us. “I have never done nude shoots and I am pretty modest. I had duct tape, so why not bring a piece of the beach to the jungle?”

Naked and Afraid returns to Discovery on Sunday at 10 p.m. ET.

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