Probst said Jimmy Fallon would 'never' see the video. Then Fallon played it. 

By Nick Romano
March 02, 2017 at 01:02 PM EST

Jeff Probst might have never become the host of Survivor because of the cringe-worthy demo reel he submitted in 1999 for the audition.

“If I looked back, I’d be humiliated. But at the time, I was super proud of it,” he said on The Tonight Show Wednesday.

Even though Probst said Jimmy Fallon would “never” see that video, he ended up reliving the embarrassment when the late-night host screened it in front of a studio audience.

The “cool” demo reel, as the opening Ken doll sequence promised, was a compilation of the commercials, corporate videos, and training videos Probst had done in the past, including one for Miller beer. All he could really say after re-watching it was, “Wow.”

Probst said the reason he got the Survivor job was probably because he lied to producer Mark Burnett about his skills. “They say, ‘Hey, can you ride a horse?’ ‘Yeah!’ ‘Can you fly a plane?’ ‘Of course,'” he joked.

Watch Probst’s demo reel — and his reaction — in the clip above.

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