When you’re filming a comedy series with such comic greats as Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, there’s going to be some improv.

That’s certainly the case with Schitt’s Creek. Levy and O’Hara, who play husband and wife on the Pop series, stopped by Entertainment Weekly: The Show to enlighten fans about how much of the series is improvised. “The show is really scripted. Almost 95%,” says Levy. “There are times in a scene where we’re feeling on top of it and we might kind of just improvise a moment. And a lot of those times, I’d say most of them, we actually use what is improvised.” Adds O’Hara, “Sometimes on the set you’re just inspired because you didn’t know that person was going to do that that way.”

The show follows the rich Rose family, who suddenly lose all their money and find that their only remaining asset is a town called Schitt’s Creek. The series was created by Levy and his son Daniel Levy.

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