By Dalton Ross
February 28, 2017 at 09:00 AM EST
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Next to Eliza Orlins, Ciera Eastin has given some of the best Tribal Council facial expressions in Survivor history. Her patented eye-roll has become as iconic as hidden immunity idols, loved one visits, and Jeff Probst looking at his feet when instructing players to “Come on in, guys!” Of course, she’s also known for voting out her mother (although that’s been blown out of proportion because she didn’t really have much of a choice in that situation).

Ciera has been on the outside looking in her last two times playing, but while she plans to change things up a bit in her third outing, she insists her eye-rolling game is still strong. How strong? Just watch the video above to find out. And read the Q&A below to hear more from Ciera on her plans for Survivor: Game Changers (which premieres March 8 on CBS). Also make sure to follow @thedaltonross on Instagram to see exclusive on-location photos, including one of Ciera casting her pre-game vote for whom she’d like to vote off first.

Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why are you here, Ciera?
CIERA EASTIN: I am here to close this chapter of my life. I want to win. This has been following me around now for the past few seasons and I need to wrap it up. I need to bring home the win and make my family proud.

How many times do you plan to complain about nobody playing the game this season?
I don’t think I’ll have to complain about anybody not playing the game this season. I mean, the cast is stacked. It’s called Game Changers. So, if anything, I think I’m going to be like, “What did I ask for? God!”

Whom do you want to align with?
I’m trying this season to align with people I wouldn’t normally align with. So I’m thinking maybe Tai. I really enjoyed him [on his] last season and I think it would be really unexpected, as well as Troyzan, which is really weird because I don’t think I can get along with him, but at the same time, I’m switching it up a little. I’m going to try to go other ways that I wouldn’t normally go.

What do you do about these two new players — Zeke and Michaela — that you don’t know?
As far as the contestants who just got done filming that I’ve never got to see play, they need to go. They say better the devil I do know than the devil I don’t, and I’m going to go with that. I don’t know what these people are capable of. Obviously, they are Game Changers in some regard, and I think they need to go early.

How do you think other players see you?
I think I’m going to be underestimated this season. There are so many big personalities out here, some winners, some legends. I think that I’ve definitely made my mark, but I think people are going to make a mistake and underestimate me and that’s going to be their biggest downfall.

Have you been working on your Tribal Council eye-rolling?
The eye-rolling is on point. Sometimes I don’t even know I’m doing it. I know it’s really weird but my mom says I do, and we’ve all seen it on TV, so I guess I do.

Why are things going to be different this time?
I’m really focused this season. I think I’m taking what I learned from Blood vs. Water and what I learned from Second Chance and I feel like I’m at my peak, so I feel like I can’t go down. I’m there and I’m taking all my knowledge and I’m throwing it into the season. And I’m confident. I’m going into it expecting to win, and that’s really different from my last two seasons.

And then if you don’t win, you just come back again, right?
And then I’ll be back next year, and you ‘ll see me on Survivor: Four Times Is the Magic Number.

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