Just as entertaining as Stewart's story is watching Jackman's reaction.


Just as funny as Patrick Stewart‘s circumcision story is Hugh Jackman‘s reaction to it.

The Logan costars appeared on The Graham Norton Show this week, where the host asked Stewart to retell a particularly intimate conversation he had with his wife. “One night, as you do, we were talking about stuff,” the actor began, but as soon as he mentioned “being circumcised,” Jackman cracked.

“She said, ‘You’re not circumcised,'” Stewart, 76, continued. “I said, ‘What do you mean? You’ve only known me a few– all my life, I remember my mother telling me why because it was fashionable at the time.’ She said, ‘You’re not circumcised.’ I said, ‘That’s ridiculous! I should know if I’m circumcised. Of course I am. End of conversation.'”

Perhaps it was the realization of Jackman listening to such a story from someone he’s been working with on X-Men since before 2000, but Stewart put his hand on his shoulder and asked, “Are you okay?”

The matter was cleared up the next day during an annual doctor’s visit. “While he was down there, I said, ‘Oh, by the way, Irv, my wife and I are in a little disagreement. I am circumcised, aren’t I? Because she says I’m not.'” A quick glance, and the doctor responds, “Not! … Hey, I’m Jewish, I know the difference.”

Watch the clip above.

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