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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to spoilerroom@ew.com.

We know that Oliver is going to end up back on the island this season on Arrow. Is there anything you can tease about how he’s going to get back there? — Brianne
Here’s a juicy tease: “I can tease that it will either be by boat or plane,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells me. “I can also tease he won’t be going back alone.”

Is there any chance that Radcliffe could actually be Fitz’s father on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Micah
I saw that theory on Reddit recently, so I took it to the source: “They’re both Scottish, and we’ve discussed it at length,” EP Jed Whedon says. “Truthfully, there’s no one better to play his dad than John Hannah, but no, Radcliffe is not his father.” There goes that theory!

Will we see Katarina Rostova back this season on The Blacklist? — Harlem
Yes! “In an unexpected way, she will come back and that’s going to be a really telling episode,” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp says. Could she actually be behind Red’s recent troubles? When I asked Bokenkamp whether Liz’s apparently dead mother would reappear in present day or just in flashback, he stayed coy. “I don’t think I should say that,” he says, “but she will be coming back.”

Can you tease anything for Henry on Once Upon a Time? I feel like he gets overlooked in spoilers… — Katherine
Yes. In fact, you could say that Henry’s gig as the author kicks into overdrive, which makes some residents of Storybrooke nervous about what that means.

Is there anything you can share about Winn’s new relationship on Supergirl? — Gaia
As I teased on Superhero Insider, it sounds like Winn and Lyra are in it for the long haul. After all, Winn does have a tendency to be drawn strong fierce femmes, which comes with its drawbacks. “In our world strong-willed women and women who are powerful in their own ways tend to have other things going on, so we find out that there are secrets,” Jeremy Jordan teases. “But for the first few episodes that we see Winn and Lyra, it’s more about discovering how their relationship fits into this new world that we’re discovering on Supergirl.”

What’s going to happen now that Clary can activate the Soul Sword on Shadowhunters? — Susie
At the moment, Simon and Clary might seem to be making the most of their time together, but soon enough everything is going to catch up with Clary. “It’s devastating,” Katherine McNamara says of the Soul Sword realization. “It’s another blow to Clary. She’s trying to do nothing but good in this world, and she’s finding out that she could be the key to the ultimate evil. It’s fighting that darkness within. You saw Jace go through it at the beginning of the season and now Clary’s starting down a similar path.”

With Rip presumably part of the team again after the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow, when can we expect the issue of who’s going to be captain going forward to be addressed? — BearSpeak
Even though Rip is back on the Waverider, that doesn’t mean they can truly bring back the old Rip — and even if they could, the team may never be able to fully trust him again. “In my head, Rip’s done a lot of things to Sara that she didn’t like and didn’t appreciate,” Caity Lotz says. “She has a love-hate with him relationship already. She loves him, but she hates him and that’s kind of a hard thing to forgive. Sara’s not a saint.”

Anything on The Americans before it comes back? — Charlie
It sounds like the Jennings are finally on the same page (if not the same Paige). Expect Philip and Elizabeth to be better partners at the beginning of this year than they’ve ever been, especially after they were rattled by last season’s triple whammy of Martha’s departure, William’s capture, and Paige’s relationship with Matthew Beeman. In fact, they’ll start fresh — there’s no mention of EST — and will be entrusted with a mission that has something to do with protecting the entirety of the motherland. The hint’s in the episode title: “Amber Waves.” (Of what?)

Have we seen the last of Wes on How to Get Away with Murder? — Samuel
Probably not. “I hope not,” EP Pete Nowalk tells me. “Obviously he is dead, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see him. There’s a big question of who did he call and say it’s Christophe. There’s a lot more story to tell there. I don’t think we’ll see a ton of him, but I hope to see him throughout the series.”

Do you happen to know anything about The Walking Dead? — Carson
When Eugene gets to the Sanctuary, he’ll basically have the exact opposite experience that Daryl did, though that doesn’t mean he’s changing his stripes. Also: A different character from the source material will have a very similar trajectory to what we saw in comics.

This week in TV: Just me or was the How to Get Away with Murder finale a bit confusing?

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Be sure to email your questions to spoilerroom@ew.com or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams.

Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill and Shirley Li.

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