McKellen palled around with Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman on 'The Graham Norton Show.'

By Nick Romano
February 24, 2017 at 03:08 PM EST

This post contains some spoilers about Logan and the X-Men films.

Ian McKellen isn’t losing any sleep over Magneto’s absence in Logan. While the actor shared the Graham Norton Show couch with fellow X-Men actors Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, the host asked why McKellen didn’t have a role, while Stewart did.

“You know, I think when you get to my age, you want to leave aside those tired, old franchises,” he joked. “You know, move onto to something fresh.” He added, “I sometimes cry myself to sleep. I simply don’t know why I’m not in it, darling.”

McKellen asked Jackman if he could “do another [Wolverine movie]” so he could join him on screen. “Leave this one out,” he said to his longtime pal, Stewart. Noting how Professor Xavier was obliterated in X-Men: The Last Stand but still managed to come back for a part in Logan, McKellen declared, “It’s time you died.”

Jackman thanked McKellen for his advice when he first got started in the franchise, now that he’s made Logan his last X-Men movie. “I think I was in love with you,” McKellen said, as the audience erupted in fits of laughter.

Watch the trio in the clip above.