NPH turned the game of chance into a series of unfortunate events for Fallon
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Neil Patrick Harris turned Egg Russian Roulette into a series of unfortunate events for Jimmy Fallon.

The Tonight Show host challenged the Count Olaf actor to the game of chance Wednesday night and came out on the other side covered in gooey yolk. The competitors each took turns selecting one of 12 eggs — four of which were raw — and smashing them on their head, with the loser being the first to choose two raw eggs.

NPH managed to stay dry, even when the odds were not in his favor. The same could not be said for Fallon, whose first pick exploded in a yellow mess on his forehead. Egging them on (pun intended) was announcer Steve Higgins, channeling an accent that Harris joked sounded like it was from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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"What in the why in the world?" Fallon responded his guest's luck.

"This is the best game in the world," Harris laughed.

Watch Fallon lose miserably in the video above.

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