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Great comedic minds think alike — especially when it comes to mocking President Trump’s sensitivity to criticism.

On Thursday night’s episodes of The Late Show and The Tonight Show, both Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon riffed on a recent Politico report that said Trump’s former campaign staffers would show him positive news coverage in an effort to limit his Twitter outbursts.

Going a step further, Colbert fabricated a TV news segment that White House staffers could use to mollify Trump in times of need. The top story, as reported by Jill Newslady, was that “President Donald Trump is very smart. The things he did today were good, and everyone loves him.”

Fellow anchor Jim Anchorton added, “The president did many strong things today. Currently, everyone on Twitter is praising him. Also, reports indicate his father loved and respected him.”

Meanwhile on The Tonight Show, Fallon presented an assortment of CNN clips unsubtly spliced together to report, “Donald Trump is smart, great, tremendous, wonderful, incredible, amazing, remarkable, and handsome.”

“Might have been edited a little,” Fallon quipped.

Watch the clips below.

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