The Mindy Project Season 5 Ep 9
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The Mindy Project - Season 5

Every week, the cast and crew of Hulu’s beloved rom-com, The Mindy Project, are taking EW readers behind the scenes of the latest episode. This week, Fortune Feimster, who plays Colette, brings us into the ninth episode of season 5, “Bat Mitzvah.”

Love is in the air in this new episode of Mindy! Things are getting real hot and heavy between Mindy and Ben when our favorite irreverent doctor, Peter Prentice (a.k.a. the hilarious Adam Pally), stops in for a visit. In no shortage of time, Peter reveals that he knows the size of Ben’s penis, and he uses Mindy’s toothbrush while using the bathroom when she’s in the shower. I get the feeling this is exactly something Adam would do in real life. He seemed way too comfortable on that toilet. The next day we find out that… Colette has a girlfriend! And the new lady has been hired as a secretary at the office thanks to Peter, who actually has no authority, but he’s not one for protocol.

Everything seems to be going smoothly with Mindy and Ben until she gets a text from Ben’s daughter about her upcoming Bat Mitzvah. Turns out Ben told his daughter that Mindy was busy and couldn’t make it, but he never actually invited her. Ahhh… busted! There’s only one thing for Mindy to do. Be the bigger person and not go. But then our show wouldn’t be any fun! Mindy, of course, shows up to the Bat Mitzvah, uninvited, with Peter in tow.

Meanwhile, we discover that Jody has also found a new love. Colette and Morgan are glad he’s finally gotten over Mindy until they run into the happy couple and see that she’s basically Mindy’s twin. They later go confront the girl at her Gap/Banana Republic place of work to find out how serious she is about Jody. She reveals that she’s ready to break up with him, but he just bought her a Mercedes. Here we go again! And, btw, why does Jody keep buying the women in his life all these fancy things and his sister gets nothing?!

Over at the Bat Mitzvah, Ben has spotted Mindy in the audience and doesn’t know what to do because he’s throwing the event with his ex-wife, Patricia. When all of them meet face-to-face, in a moment of panic, Peter says that Mindy is a rabbi. Later, Patricia, thinking Mindy is a rabbi, goes to get advice from Mindy about Ben. She says she had been tempted to get back together with him but was having doubts since he had cheated on her during their marriage. This freaks Mindy out, Ben walks in, and the jig is up.

Morgan, Colette, Jeremy, and Anna go to Jody’s to confront him about his newest woman and try to convince him that he’s only trying to replace one Mindy with another. Morgan, who looks like a J. Crew store threw up on him, is all about Jody breaking up with the Mindy Doublemint twin until he realizes that he’ll lose the store discount. But Jody knows what he has to do. It’s time, once and for all, to move on from Mindy.

Back at Mindy’s, Ben comes over to apologize for not inviting her. She tells him she’s worried about the fact that he cheated on his wife. He assures her it was a mistake and something he never wants to repeat. They make a pact never to cheat on each other and seal it with a kiss. Well, more than a kiss but we’re keeping this rated G, people!

The next day, we say farewell to Peter Prentice, but before he goes, Anna stops by, and he is taken aback by her hotness. He says Colette has been the object of his fantasies up until now. Score one for Colette! Then Ben’s ex-wife stops by the office to properly introduce herself to Mindy and reveals that she’s going to be moving back to New Jersey. She says they’ll be seeing a lot of each other. The episode ends with Mindy picking her jaw up off the floor.

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The Mindy Project - Season 5
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